What's the startup doing?


Overcoming system breaks in the reporting, ordering and invoicing system, transparency for planning and control Phase II: Market model

first step “myTaxi”, second step “About”.

Target customers:

  • Shipping Companies
  • Ship Operator
  • Agents
  • Service providers (tugboats, mooring)
  • Business-to-Consumer

Business model:

  • Transaction fees
  • 2nd Level services
  • Margin from brokerage of services in port and waterside
  • scalable across all ports even in “closed” countries with cabotage, e.g. USA


  • Programming team (4 people) working on MVP, launch in September
  • Pilot region: Elbe to Hamburg
  • Successes so far: all pilots on board, thus quasi “official” character, as well as tugs and mooring ropes
  • Owner/initiators/drivers:Thomas Tihl, soft-park; Thorsten Schütt, SANDL Maritime
  • Seed Funding by Tihl/Schütt;next round required from autumn for IT, marketing, internationalisation (total € 1.5 million)

Product & customer benefits

  • Reduction of unpunctuality in terminal port calls
  • Transparency in the non-transparent market
  • Saving of expenses
  • Optimization of the use of the assets of the service providers
  • Differentiation possibility for agents

Business model

Business model

  • Transaction charge
  • Share of Savings in Phase 1
  • Phase 2: “Market model” ( 2 % margin)

Unique selling point

  1. Hard wiring of the pilot brotherhoods, thus “quasi”-official character
  2. In contrast to government optimizations (e.g. HPA, Port of Rotterdam), the aim here is to achieve a cross-port solution in the interests of the customer (e.g. Hapag, AIDA/Carnival, etc.).

Market (market size, competitors, customers)

still no direct competition, but 2 with focus on terminal and port optimization “in the race”.

Total global market:
Tug Services and Mooring Service approx. 36 billion € p.a.; typically with commission between 2 % and 15 % (regional differences)

Management & Team


  • Thorsten Schütt: Market, Finance, Management
  • Frank Tihl: Technology/Software

Team (Does the team already have experience with the business model?)

Yes, Schütt: 9 years shipping company; Tihl: software for shipping since 10 years

Capital requirements

Capital requirements

  • Management (Schütt/Tihl) has so far financed 150,000 € by itself
  • Next round for marketing and programming: approx. € 1.5 million

Sleipner Maritime Digital Assistant

Capital requirements:

1.5 million €